Product Benefits - Overview

With the EPA rating indoor air quality as one of the top  five on their list of environmental risks (1), consumers are looking for effective and inexpensive ways to clean the air in their homes and work environments. Hundreds of poisonous chemicals can be released into an indoor environment from furniture, carpeting, building materials, personal care products, cleaning products, pesticides, pets, mold and mildew, and business machine's consumables (2). As buildings become “tighter” to reduce energy usage, the buildup of airborne toxins rapidly increases. The term "sick building syndrome" has become prevalent as a catch phrase for this phenomenon. It becomes clearer every day that reducing the amount of toxic substance exposure improves health and well being.

It has long been known that plants are our natural air cleaners and suppliers of oxygen. They remove airborne pollutants through the process of "metabolic breakdown" in the leaves (3) and supply oxygen through the process of photosynthesis (4). With the Plant Air Purifier®, this cycle is intensified to allow one plant to act as 60 or more plants with respect to air cleaning power. The activated carbon and growth media hold the toxins that are pulled through the media by the fan, allowing the microbes on the plant’s roots to convert the toxins into nutrients for the plant. Root-associated microbes can clean both a greater quantity of toxins and a greater variety of toxins than a plant’s leaves.

This system is effective at removing chemical vapors from the air such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, trichloroethylene, xylene, alcohols, acetone as well as dust and allergens, leaving your air cleaner, healthier and smelling great. With so many serious diseases being connected by scientific research to toxin buildup in the body, it is surely prudent to address this concern with the best option available.

Points to consider:

The average person breathes 60 pounds, or 800 cubic feet, of air a day
Most toxins enter the body through the air
Indoor air is typically much more polluted than outdoor air
The Plant Air Purifier® cleans as much air as 60 typical soil-potted plants, or more

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