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The Plant Air Purifier® is an air filtration system that consists of a planter, specially developed ceramic growing media, activated carbon and a low-voltage power supply. The planter itself consists of a perforated inner pot and a unique outer reservoir that holds enough water for up to one week. The planter has an electric fan to ventilate the system and a low-water switch in the water reservoir to turn off the fan when the water runs low. All that is required is a plant, periodic watering and a dose of nutrients every few months.

The Plant Air Purifier® system pulls air down through the growing media where air pollutants are captured and held by the activated carbon until the microbes that populate the root system can utilize them as a food source. The activated carbon acts like a magnet to attract pollutants. The root microbes surrounding the carbon attach to the pollutants and breakdown and digest them. The resulting material becomes food for the plant roots to utilize.

Meet the Inventor of the Plant Air Purifier Technology - Dr. B. C. “Bill Wolverton

Dr. B.C. Wolverton conducted more than 30 years of research as a civilian scientist with the U.S. military and as a Senior Research Scientist with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). His military research focus was developing a means to protect against and destroy toxic chemicals and pathogenic microbes. Dr. Wolverton’s NASA research was directed toward the development of a closed ecological life support system for long-term space habitation.

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The latest research by Dr. Wolverton testing the new Compact Plant Air Purifier

We have conducted a series of sealed chamber studies with the new Compact Plant Air Purifier. All test results were sampled for formaldehyde removal at varying concentrations. Tests runs were conducted both with the fan off and in operation. We also run control studies to verify that there were no chamber leaks.

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NASA Research and the Story Behind the “Sick” FEMA TRAILERS and How Plants Repaired the Air

In 2006, the Sierra Club contacted Dr. Wolverton to install his portable high efficiency plant purifier into a FEMA trailer with high concentrations of formaldehyde. Within a few days the plant air purifier reduced the level of formaldehyde in the trailer from 0.18 parts per million to 0.03 parts per million in the trailer - taking the toxin level from unsafe to within the legal limit of 0.05 ppm determined by the World Health Organization.


What is Hydroculture?

Hydroculture is a method of growing plants without the use of soil, sometimes referred to as ‘passive hydroponics’. Expanded clay pellets or specially developed ceramic stone are utilized to support the plant and supply plant roots with moisture and minerals through the natural wicking action of the growing media.

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It's Not Magic - It's Science; How the Plant Air Purifier Works

The Plant Air Purifier® system pulls air down through the growing media where the air pollutants are captured by activated carbon. The activated carbon acts like a magnet which hold the pollutants in place, where the root microbes are. The root microbes, surrounding the carbon, utilize the pollutants as its food-source; breaking them down and digesting them.

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How Do Toxins Get Into Your Home and Other Buildings?

Toxins accumulate in buildings from many sources: building materials (wood, paint, carpeting, flooring, etc.) furniture, as well as cleaning and beauty products. Heating/cooling systems may also contribute to toxic exposure.

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