Product Details - Where to Use the Plant Air Purifier

At home, a person is likely to spend more time in their bedroom than any other room in the house. This makes the bedroom an excellent location for the Plant Air Purifier®. Breathing clean air while you sleep improves your rest and your health. The soft hum of the air blower has proven soothing to many and helps lull you into a sound and healthy sleep. Excellent sleep assistance for allergy sufferers!

The second most trafficked room in the home is the living room or kitchen, again, an excellent reason to place the Plant Air Purifier® here. The decorative nature of the Plant Air Purifier® is a welcome feature in the living room or kitchen areas.

The average office worker spends about a third of the hours of a workday in the office, making it an excellent location for the Plant Air Purifier®. Put the benefits of clean, fresh air to work for you as you do your job. Think clearer, work better, tire less quickly and enjoy the pleasing aesthetics of a beautiful plant in your office.

Many manufacturing processes outgas various pollutants into the air. Especially in very hot or cold weather, ventilation comes with a large energy cost to maintain inside temperatures, and is often kept to a minimum for this reason. Help yourself and your coworkers breathe cleaner air by placing Plant Air Purifiers® around the factory floor. The microbe population associated with the plant’s roots has an innate ability to adapt to prevalent pollutants and become more adept at consuming these toxins over time.


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