Product Details - The Science Behind the Plant Air Purifier

The latest research by Dr. Wolverton testing the new Compact Plant Air Purifier - Dec 2015

The Plant Air Purifier® uses a common houseplant to clean the air. Plants have natural air-cleaning abilities, but to use plants as air filters is difficult due to the numerous houseplants necessary to clean air sufficiently and efficiently. This is the capability of the Plant Air Purifier®; one Plant Air Purifier® has the cleaning power of dozens of standard houseplants. The Plant Air Purifier® achieves this through a unique design that increases airflow past the root system which is the host of toxin consuming microbes.

It is interesting to note that as the concentration of formaldehyde decreases, the efficiency of the PAP with the fan in operation increases. Formaldehyde levels that are generally found in the indoor environment are very low. At these low levels, the PAP formaldehyde removal efficiency increases when compared to a regularly potted plant. At lower concentration levels, there are fewer formaldehyde molecules in the same volume of air. So, the movement of air through the filter becomes very important. This phenomenon is true with any air filter. The fact that this small fan motor can make such a significant difference is both surprising and impressive.