What They Are Saying


These plants are doing fantastic now!!! All 20 of them. It really matters that only plants with a mature rootball be used! This makes the transformation from soil to water a lot easier on the plant. Karen is correct in the assumption “to ignore-they do better!” Now, when I walk through the doors of Glasforms, Inc., there is no longer a strong odor of styrene. Each building now has purifiers in each office and lobby area. These plants are a beautiful addition to these rooms and they make a nice first impression to Glasforms, Inc. - Betty Bass

The Plant Air Purifier has significantly reduced the smell of styrene and other manufacturing chemicals in my office. You can notice a difference when walking into my office in the morning compared to the rest of the building. The styrene smell is not as strong, my eyes burn less, my nose runs less and I cough a lot less in my office. When I am in other offices in the building those symptoms exist. It is comforting to know that this one little plant system can make a difference in making my work environment safer and healthier to breathe all day. - Breanne Lemons, Glasforms, Inc.

When I first received the Plant Air Purifier, it was hard to imagine that it could clean the air as well as the company said it would. But by a great stroke of luck, the planter arrived here in Arizona a couple of months before some of the worst dust storms in the state's history. So that turned out to be a really good test of the unit. At the beginning of the many days of swirling dirt and dust, I awakened coughing and sneezing, and my sinuses hurt. I was not ill, there is no mold in our home, and we do not use any harsh chemicals or detergents. My respiratory problems were solely due to the dust storms. I was severely affected, even when indoors with all the windows closed.

Results from the Purifier were astounding. After running it for only about three hours, already the air felt cleaner and I was no longer coughing or sneezing. The unit was run for 6 to 8 hours a day for as long as the dust storms continued. It continues to be run because our super-powered plant makes such a difference in how I feel. The air is not only cleaner, but our house has the feeling of a clear day, when you breathe in the freshest air possible. The benefits of the Plant Air Purifier are indisputable, and I enthusiastically recommend it to everyone who wants a better quality of air in their home. - Nenah Sylver, PhD, International speaker on electromedicine, Author The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health and The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy

The day before [my grand opening] the floors got waxed and I am very sensitive to the smell. With all the commotion of the opening and new planter I forgot about the smell and figured it had dissipated by then. Well, the day after the opening I came in to find the smell of the wax was still there and the planter had gone off since it ran out of water. Wow I know this really works! The smell went away quickly and is now gone. I feel so good in there and the woman who works there two days a week never complains of being tired when she goes home which she normally does complain about often. - Vicki Sue, New Paltz, NY

We have a test planter in our house and it works great. I have had a respiratory problem ever since we've moved into our house. (I think it is something in the rug.) We placed a test planter in our house to clean the air and I have not had any breathing problems since.

We also put it in a bedroom we just painted, because we didn't want the children to sleep in the room and within two hours it completely removed all the paint odor in the air. This product truly is amazing!!!!!!!! - Edward Shuman, Port Ewen, NY

It has been a month and a half since the initial planting of my Snake Plant into the PlantAir Planter, and it is doing great, actually looks better and seems happier than when I first got it. It has made a remarkable difference in the air in the house too, even my dogs love it! Thank you PlantAir! ♥ - Lynn Byer, Kingston, NY

"After about two weeks of transplanting my rubber plant, I clearly sensed a different, fresher smell to the air in my apartment. I also had far less problems with my allergies this spring - the only difference was my new Plant Air Purifier. It is amazing, you really become attached to it. I even gave my plant a name! - Raleigh Green, New York City